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Some parts of learning guitar are tricky. We have teachers and video lessons available to you at any moment.


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Our software listens as you play with
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Interactive graphic helps you shape
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and every note

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Play with or without the guitar backing
to play along, or test yourself

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“Last weekend, I picked up my dad’s guitar for the first time in 3 years. I tried to learn some songs from the internet, but I couldn't find anything helpful - Until I saw Pickup Guitar Club. It's exactly what I needed.”

- Danny R.

“Sometimes, you want to just dive right in and play music you’re familiar with. Get ready to do that with Pickup Guitar Club.”

- Mike de Leon

“Pickup Guitar Club channels the video-game excitement into an online method of teaching people to play real guitars”

- Neal Augenstein, WTOP

Lessons and Songs

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheran, The Eagles, and more

Song Lesson
Seven Nation Army
The White Stripes
Finger Picking
Chasing Cars
Snow Patrol
Intro To Guitar
The Rolling Stone
Finger Picking
Beverly Hills
Finger Picking
Smoke on the Water
Deep Purple
Closing Time
Interval/Power Chords
Eye of the Tiger
Interval/Power Chords
Song 2
Interval/Power Chords
Sunshine of your Love
Interval/Power Chords
Crazy Train
Ozzy Ozbourne
Alternate Picking


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